What we do

What we do


Tell Your Story Better is built on two ideas


Tell your story better

We find the right audiences for your service or product, explore the authentic stories behind what you do, and then match these to gain sales, profile or whatever you are looking to achieve.


Cost and time effective

We know that making a commitment to marketing communication, be it research, advertising or promotion, is a risk. And yet this risk needs to be taken to find new audiences. We tailor marketing and communications services to your needs and budgets. No grand schemes, unless you want them, just simple and effective marketing communications management. 


Why choose us

By working with us, you gain years of experience, and a personal service. We do not feel that any job is too small, and you can be ensured of a high quality customer service whatever your requirements. We are also naturally curious about different industries. As you will see from projects below we work with a diverse range of clients.




Every organisation has a story to tell, whether the vision of the founder or the experience of their customers and their staff. On this course, you will learn the principles of telling a good story about your business or organisation which will engage customers and service users, and show some distinction against competitors.

We will consider personal stories of founders and leaders, staff stories and customer stories, while taking a few principles from classic storytelling. This a practical course, where working in pairs though some fun exercises, you will test your skills and start to tell your firm’s story better. You will leave with skills you can take back and a network to share them with.

The course is suitable for anyone in charge of communicating their organisation, be it a sole trader, partnership or company, private or public sector.

We all have stories to tell, so let us help tell yours.

Our course is on Friday 16 November at Brighthelm, North Road, Brighton – see more details and book here.


Recent projects


Public Engagement – Royal Pavilion and Museums 

We worked with Royal Pavilion and Museums to support their engagement with their members. We held an engagement forum meeting with  members to gain their views on how RPM can move forward with its plans for the coming five years.

David Burgess of RPM said:  “The session was well presented and Gordon built rapport with the group. He did a good job of facilitating discussions. The project is helping us to develop our strategy for a revised membership scheme. This includes the content and nature of communication with our supporters.”




Writing – Jewish Historical Society of England (Sussex Branch)

Our Jewish Story Brighton & Hove is the social history and heritage online hub for the Brighton & Hove Jewish Community. In 2016, Brighton & Hove celebrated 250 years since the first written record of Jewish life, with the publication of Brighton Jewry 250 : An Anthology of Brighton and Hove Jewish Community 1766-2016.

In the introduction to this book, co-editor Michael Crook stated an intention that a website would be produced to allow the project to develop further –  this is the first step.

We led the initial development of a start up website to test the concept with initial content. This impressed the national Jewish Historical Society of England organisation and plans are now underway for this to be developed as a national project, which will see this be redeveloped further.


Brand messaging – Eco Thrifty Living

Eco Thrifty Living takes a new approach both to living green and living thriftily, combining them under the compelling slogan of ‘Good for your wallet, your health and the environment’.  In a world where green sometimes means either unnecessary sacrifice or considerable expense, Eco Thrifty Living finds a new way to be green. Eco Thrifty Living’s creator Zoe Morrison, has been profiled in the Guardian, the Independent, as well as appearances on local radio.

Tell Your Story Better is advising Eco Thrifty Living, on choice of audiences, messaging, and business planning.


Brand messaging and content – Cherry Tree Nursery

Overview Cherry Tree Nursery provides high quality childcare to its local community, looking after children from three months to five years. Now in it’s eleventh year, it has an Outstanding Ofsted report. It was looking to increase it’s role to capacity.

Process: We advised on strategy to expand their market, refine brand messaging and content, and increase its online profile. We undertook a competitor analysis of over 12 of their closest geographical competitors, and mapped their position in the market on range of comparative measures of price, produce, place, promotion and people. We also surveyed current parents to get their views of why the chose the nursery.

Recommendations and implementation: New clearer messages that were authentic and unique to the nursery were defined. This was the foundation for new content, which has supported a new website and new print materials, currently being developed by the client. One of the area of promotion that was lacking was real new photography and experiential video content so Tell Your Story Better commissioned new photos and created and produced a new video, based on real stories of staff and parents, and images of the nursery in action, to tell Cherry Tree Nursery’s story.

Cath Linstrem, Cherry Tree Nursery Manager said “Thank you so much for the hard work you put into the research for our marketing at the nursery. We are well on the way with new leaflets, improvements to the website and also newspaper advertising using the new photos.”


Previous projects

Gordon Kay MCIM Chartered Marketer, Director of Tell Your Story Better, has spent 20 years in marketing communications. The work you see below is some of the highlights of his career in recent years.


Higher education – Brighton and Sussex Medical School (in employed role)

 BSMS 2015 undergraduate prospectus was one of the first to apply augmented reality by which by scanning the cover the image comes alive in a film. Download the app at www.bsms.ac.uk/app. You can click here to download the brochure
BSMS 2015 undergraduate prospectus was one of the first to apply augmented reality by which by scanning the cover the image comes alive in a film. Download the app at http://www.bsms.ac.uk/app. You can click here to download the brochure

Overview: Gordon led the delivery of five undergraduate prospectuses and an inaugural postgraduate prospectus amongst a range of projects while he was Communications Manager at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) from 2009 to 2014. While working for University of Brighton at Hastings he lead the delivery of two prospectuses, which supported campaigns which filled every place for the School. He also was project manager for the 192-page book Brighton and Sussex Medical School: Ten years of success, published by Pighog Press, a legacy project which had over 40 contributors reflecting on the development and impact of the school. 

Process: In each prospectus project, best research was applied to inform creative development of the prospectuses, in the form of recruitment data and focus groups. Key messages were defined and then supported by authentic quotes and imagery (no stock photos here), to tell the story of what it like to study here, producing distinctive collateral to support campaigns.

Impact: Demand for BSMS was between 17:1 and 19:1 for each place between 2010 and 2015. In 2012, the application rate rose 15% against a sector drop of -6%. This lead to the 2012 prospectus winning a HEIST higher education marketing award.  The University of Brighton at Hastings 2009 prospectus contributed to the full recruitment of courses by end of the campaign.

Medical research – Brighton and Sussex Medical School  (in employed role)

Overview: At Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Gordon was responsible for raising the profile of the research work undertaken by 80 medical researchers. New professors marked their achievement with inaugural lectures. Gordon managed the communications of these lectures, creating film and print content and press releases working closely with the University press offices to raise profile.

Process:This involved analysing and understanding the detail of their research including reading their journal publications, discussing their research with them, and then working with them to tell a story about how their research has the potential to change medical science or healthcare practice. 

Impact:  These events had significant attendance numbers in many cases such as Prof Sube Banerjee on Dementia Research were fully booked at 250 places. The content produced has had promotional legacy raising the profile impact that the instition has on medical research 

Translating medical research to the public area  (in employed role)

Overview: In 2010 and 2012, Gordon conceived, created and managed the highly-successful Scanning for Gold exhibition, bringing together the disciplines of anatomy, radiology, and physiology together to present an engaging public exhibition and evening presentng aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes as they had never been seen before. It combined anatomical facts based on the scans with details of their training to tell the story of what makes a high peformance athlete.

Process: Working with the University of Brighton’s renowned Chelsea School of sports science, the BSMS Professor of Anatomy team,  local NHS radiologists and the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre, a number of prospective UK Olympic and Paralympic athletes were scanned and their anatomy examined, to explain how they achieve results at the highest performance.

Impact: This won an Inspired by 2012 award from the London 2012 Olympic Games Organising Group, and travelled across Sussex for a year, and had guest appearance at the University of Leicester. The 2012 follow up was hosted at the centrally-located Jubilee Library in Brighton for seven weeks through the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 


Cultural education conference and events – Brighton and Sussex Day Limmud 2011

Overview: Gordon managed the marketing for the Brighton and Sussex Day Limmud 2006 and 2009, and Sussex Day Limmud 2011. These cultural education conference run entirely by volunteers was held at Roedean School and the University of Sussex. 

Process: Data from previous attendance at events was reviewed, as well as an analysis of the potential market such as previous attendees, new audiences. This campaign was rolled out in relevant local and national media. This included features that told the story of how the event was coming together, who was speaking, and how this reflected the cultural themes of the event.

Impact: Each event maximised attendances from 350 to 600 attendees. The 2011 event had a conference programme of 65 speakers in 75 sessions, managed by volunteer teams.  


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